Here is a 6-hour private, guided, boat and walking tour
to discover the major islands of the Venetian Lagoon.
Enjoy secrets and hidden corners from the
comfort of your private boat.

Our experienced escort will meet you
at your hotel and accompany you to the nearest dock.
The boatman will be proud to share this exclusive adventure with you. You will be whisked off
for your tour to visit the main islands of the Venetian Lagoon. It is a truly unique way to see
numerous and distinctive areas.
Your first stop will be to the exciting island of Murano. Your escort will explain why the
blown glass creations are known all over the world.
It is remarkable that Murano has been the heart and soul of the glass factories since the
inception of the Italian Renaissance in the 13th century. In fact, there remains long abandoned
workmen's cottages.
Throughout the centuries, manufacturers have produced unique styles and patterns.
You will have the opportunity to marvel at their creations by watching artisans at work in the
factories. They have given life to countless beautiful art objects.
Due to the fact that the primary product of Venice is art glass, it has had an extraordinary
influence on glass production throughout the world. Fabrication has been an ongoing and thriving
business throughout its long history. Perhaps it is because this
industry is a blending of both arts and crafts.
The island of Burano is our next stop. Your guide will tell you about art, history and popular
traditions that are part of the local culture. This has been a center for intricate, lovely
lace making for hundreds of years.
Sightseeing will continue on the way back to your hotel as you will further explore parts of
the most charming side channels of the Venetian Lagoon.

This boat tour is for a party of up to 9 people.
It includes a private boat and a fluent,
English speaking guide.

Transfers from Venice's surrounding hotels
to the nearest dock is not included
in the price.

Please contact us for further information
and estimates.


Party up to 6 p. up to 9 p.  
6 h. 760 890  
Service Private boat and escort Private boat and escort  

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