This is our 2-hour walking tour to explore the district
that was the commercial center of the Venice Republic.
Today, you will still find the fish market and stalls, traditions that are fun and interesting.

Rialto was the commercial center of the Venice Republic. You can still visit the fish market
and the stalls selling fruits and vegetables as a fun and interesting activity. This adventure will
begin from the present time to tell about the past. Included will be information regarding the
merchants who came here from several foreign countries. They were selling their precious products
such as fabrics and spices.
We will proceed to, and pass through, the hidden calli and campielli, the Campo San Polo, as
well as its ancient palaces.
From here, we will arrive at the Campo Frari with its imposing church. Inside, you will be
able to admire the masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini, Titian as well as other artists.

The tour is for a party of up to 12 people.
It includes a fluent, English speaking guide.

Your guide is available for extra hours.
Car transfers from Venice's surroundings to Piazzale Roma, site tickets, and boat transfers
are not included in the price.

Please contact us for further information
and price estimates.

Party up to 6 p. up to 12 p.  
2 h.      
Service WTG WTG  

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