A 8- hour car and walking tour to explore the cradle
of Sicily, where many Mafia bosses are now locked- up in prison
and to admire its monuments and its natural beauty

There are places in the countryside of Palermo
sadly famous for events involving the Mafia
and for being the home of many Mafia bosses
now locked-up in prison.
This tour allows you to visit some of these sites
and to admire them for their monuments
and for their natural beauty.
We will first visit the tiny village of Ficuzza known
as the royal hunting lodge, located 40 miles south
of Palermo, in a hamlet in the township of Corleone,
a lovely town surrounded by emerald green hills and waterfalls, whose rustic bandits used to poach
its vast woods.
Here you can visit the Duomo and the prehistoric Museum. Completed in the early years of the 19th century Ficuzza is set amidst a large woods which today is protected as part of a nature reserve that includes streams and a man-made lake.
The English influence seems appropriate
considering that Ferdinando’s hunting companions
were often British officers and diplomats stationed in Sicily during the Napoleonic occupations
of mainland Italy.
Nearby is a spectacular-looking high cliff called
Rocca Busambra, a nature sanctuary where eagles nest, but gruesomely used in the past by the Mafia
to hide corpses in its crevices.
After visiting this town, it will be hard to believe
that this was the home of the terrible Mafia
boss Totò Riina, who is now serving
a life-long prison term.

The tour is for a party max of 15 people;
it includes private car transfers and fluent English
speaking driver-guide.

*meals not included in the price.

We would like to inform you that for tours from 6 to 15 passengers
the licensed guide is highly recommended and is not included in the price listed below

Please, contact us for questions and price estimates.

Party 1 - 6 people 7- 10 pax 11 - 15 pax
8 hours      
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