"Our family spent an entire day with Fabrizio. He picked us up at our apartment in Rome and drove us south to Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano. Fabrizio was very informative and enjoyable as our driver. We would highly recommend him for all your tours. It was really a wonderful, enjoyable day. Thank you so much for arranging with Joe to return the camera bag. I don't know if you have done that yet or not. Joe will be returning to Chicago next week so I hope the bag has been returned. Thanks so much"

Susan Adducci
Illinois - USA


This is an 11-hour excursion to discover the most
interesting archeological site in the world and the natural
beauty of Europe's most magnificent seascape, the Amalfi Coast.

The car will pick you up at your hotel in Rome
and drive you to Pompeii, the most important
archeological site in the world. Pompeii is located on the southwest side of Mt. Vesuvius and close
to the Gulf of Naples. It is known throughout the world because of the violent eruption of the
mighty volcano in 79 AD. As a result, the city was destroyed by this tragic event that
literally sucked the life out of its citizens in a very short period of time.
The entire site was entombed by 30 feet of ash and wasn't discovered until the end of the 18th
century. Once excavation began, it was as if the city miraculously came to life again. Your glimpse
into the magic and mystery of every day life can be witnessed while walking through the site.
There is a bakery, theater, gymnasium and public bath, to name but a few areas. They all stand as a
sentinel to a time and lifestyle long gone. There, you will learn about daily life, religious
beliefs and government organization.
Your trip will continue along the most stunning of Europe's seascapes. As the road twists and
turns, each view is a new and unique sight to behold as you gaze down to the beautiful sea. The
Amalfi Drive is, in fact, a truly amazing construction.
You will then arrive at the picturesque and peaceful Amalfi Home. The trip will continue to
follow the picturesque Drive along the the Sorrentina and Amalfi Coasts. You will enjoy your lunch
in the marvelous fishing village of Positano, famed as Europe's most beautiful seascape. During your
fine walk down to the beach along a pedestrian-only area, you'll notice that it's virtually a
vertical town filled with terraced and colorful houses. Many shops are filled with items designed
and fabricated by local artisans, including clothing and ceramics.
We'll then be returning to home base, Rome.

The excursion is for a party of up to 14 people.
It includes private car transfers
and a fluent, English speaking driver-guide.

From Rome to Pompeii takes 2 hours
and 15 minutes. To Positano takes 40 minutes.
Back to Rome takes 3 hours.

Official guide in Pompei is highly suggested.

Meals are not included in the price.

Please contact us if you have questions and
for price estimates.

Party up to 3 p. up to 7 p. up to 14 p.
11 h.      
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