"Dear Fabrizio,
What can I say? What a wonderful tour we had in Rome. Once again, you came through for me. Thank you so much. Fabrizio was so great, he accommodated our every wish and more. He li
stened to what we wanted and suggested other things we might be interested in. Personally, I saw a pair of gloves in a shop that was closed and he promised that we could find them elsewhere, and he was true to his word. I got the gloves. He also offered to buy all of us a Gelato, but I was the only one who took him on. It was a nice touch. Thanks again for being the BEST!!!! Lynn Kirkwood" - Ohio USA

" We only had one day in Rome on June 11th and wanted to see as much as possible. Fabrizio was an excellent guide and companion, and did a great job of covering a lot of ground in a short period of time. We got ten times more out of the sights we saw than we would ever have gotten on our own, and we were able to go at our own pace, which was a great benefit. Despite the crowds he got us into the Vatican and the Sistene Chapel with penty of time left for the catacombs, the ancient forum, many other sights around the city and even an authentic, relaxing "Roman" lunch! We recommend La Dolce Vita tours to our fellow travelers headed for Italy"

Bob & Tressa Greenie, New Mexico - USA





This is an 8-hour private driving tour to explore the secrets
of the Eternal City and the historical eras of this fascinating world. They include Classic, Christian, Baroque and Jewish periods. Enjoy the city's highlights with our tour-manager from the unparalleled comfort of your private car.

Car pick-up will be at the hotel at 9 AM,
followed by a transfer to Piazza Venezia.
The Piazza's present form dates back to the late 19th century and is dominated by the gigantic monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. This building has been nicknamed 'the wedding cake', rather disrespectfully. When you see it, you'll understand why. Viewing Capitol Hill and the Roman Forum are just ten minutes away by car.
Once arriving at the Forum Romanum, the enchanting and panoramic view will take your breath
away. It was at this site where political, religious and judicial life was centered in Ancient Rome.
It will only take a short walk from here, and you'll arrive at the monumental Piazza del
Campidoglio. This spectacular building was commissioned by Pope Paul III, and designed by the
brilliant Michelangelo for the visit of
Emperor Charles V.
The Jewish Ghetto is not far away from here. You'll be able to explore the area and learn
about the long history of this Jewish community. There was a time when Pope Paul IV issued a decree
that created a high-walled enclosed area. Jewish citizens were forced to live within these walls and
wear the distinctive insignia, the Star of David,
on their clothing.
After many scheduled and impromptu stops, we'll arrive at the stunning Piazza Navona. There,
you'll view the fountains masterfully designed by Bernini, as well as the Church of St. Agnes,
designed by his rival, Borromini. Your tour-manager will take you to the Pantheon, the best preserved and most fascinating building of Ancient Rome.
This architectural masterpiece was a meticulous and demanding test of the technical abilities
of the architects in Roman time.
From atop the Aventine Hill, Rome's panorama is laid out before you. The Circus Maximus was
where the famous chariot races took place in Imperial Rome. They were as bloody in reality as they
were depicted in the classic American movie, Ben Hur.
At this point, it's time to visit the glory of Rome, namely the Coliseum. This structure could
accommodate 50,000 spectators to watch gladiatorial contests, animal hunts and naval battles as
shown in the movie, Gladiator. You'll then have time to indulge in an authentic Roman lunch served
in a restaurant located well off the beaten path of tourists. It is on the Appian Way, known in
ancient times as the main road of the Roman Legions.
After you have appreciated the specialties of the local cuisine, your tour-manager will help you to
form your own opinion about the early Christian communities and the catacombs, our next stop.
Catacombs were greatly expanded in cunicula, and carved out on various levels for kilometers.
With the spread of Christianity in Rome, these were places for Christians to hide from the Romans,
since this new religion was prohibited. They are intricate structures of interconnecting passageways.
Before returning to your hotel, there will be two more stops. One will be the famed Spanish
Steps, and the second will be the stunning Trevi Fountain. Your driver-guide will explain the
meaning of throwing a coin into the fountain, thus assuring your return to Rome, the Eternal City.

This tour is for a group of up to 14 people.
It includes private car transfers and a fluent, English speaking tour-manager for 7 people or less

Above 7 visitors, the assistance of a licensed
guide is highly recommended

An archeological guide for the Forum Romanum
and Church's interior visit is available upon request.

Meals and site tickets are not included
in the price

Feel free to contact us for answers to your questions and price estimates

Party up to 3 p. up to 6 p. up to 14 p.
8 h.      
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