"Hi Fabrizio, Buon Giorno! My husband Ricardo and me would like to thank you for the educational and entertaining tour you did for us in the city of Rome. Although it was only for a few hours we will forever remember the classical beauty of it. Molte grazie"

Luningning" A. Carlos
Texas - USA




This is a 3-hour walking tour to discover the newly restored Scipione Caffarelli Borghese Art Collections.
With your pre-booked admission, you are guaranteed total access to the masterpieces displayed in this marvelous

Your guide will meet you at your hotel. With your pre-booked admission*, you are guaranteed
total access to the Bernini masterpieces that are displayed in this marvelous villa-museum.
Scipione Caffarelli Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V, built the villa in 1613. It is located in
his family's vineyards outside Porta Pinciana. Flaminio Ponzio
was commissioned to design the casino. After his death, Giovanni Vasanzio took on job of
supervising the building. He followed the example of Villa Medici in furnishing the exterior. There
are rich ornaments taken from archeological finds, so that any visitor could
identify the building as a private museum.
It contained Scipione Borghese's fabulous collection of paintings and antiquities, to which he
constantly and enthusiastically added more. In 1902, the entire grounds and all the works of
art were acquired by King Umberto I of Italy. He then donated all works to the city of Rome. As a
result, this very rich private collection became a public museum, which is world famous
today as the Galleria and Museo Borghese.

This tour is for a party of up to 14 people.
It includes a private and fluent English
speaking licensed guide.

On Mondays, the Borghese Gallery is closed.

Site tickets are not included in the price.

Feel free to contact us for answers to your questions and price estimates.

Party up to 6 p. up to 10 p. up to 15 p.
3 h.        

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