"Hi Fab,
just wanted to say thanks again for the terrific tours. My family really enjoyed our European trip which included London, Edinburgh, Rome and Florence. Our children were very impressed with all of your tours and the guide you arranged at Pompeii was exceptional. I'm not sure if we will be returning to Italy, but my daughter and her boyfriend are now "hooked" on Italy and do plan to return and to use your services. Jennifer also has a friend in Nashville who is planning a trip to Italy and she is going to recommend your services.
Steve Chichester, Philadelphia - USA




Our 6-hour car and walking tour takes you through the ruins
of the ancient city of Ostia. It was Rome's military outpost
and main supply port. We'll also visit the Mussolini District
on the way back to your hotel.

Our car will pick you up at your hotel
and take you to Ostia Antica, about 40 minutes from Rome. There, you will walk through this
fascinating archeological site of the Roman city and port built during the Imperial Age.
The Latin word ostium means 'mouth of the river', and reflects its position along the Tiber.
It was founded as a military outpost to guard against seaborne invasions along the river. Ostia was
officially founded during the monarchy, and later became recognized as Rome's main, official harbor.
Trade flourished and a business center developed throughout the following centuries.
Later, when virtually all imports reached the capital via the Tiber, Ostia gained prominence
as the domestic docking area for cargo boats. Ostia covered 10,000 square acres and was situated
around a main street than runs for more than one mile. For centuries, local shepherds sheltered their
animals among the ruins. Ancient apartment buildings, taverns and grocery stores are still visibly
intact. The artifacts that have been unearthed from this site are exhibited in the nearby Ostiense
Museum. There, you will discover treasures on display featuring ancient sculptures and mosaics. Some
of them represented the very popular cult of Mithra, which existed during Imperial Rome.
On the way back to Rome, we will reach the district of EUR, the Esposizione Universale di
Roma. This was the area that Mussolini built before World War II. Your guided visit will take you to
the buildings and urban spaces that best exemplify how architecture could transmit the ideology of
Fascism. For anyone with an interest in Rome's modern period or in comparative architecture,
this unique tour is guaranteed to fascinate.

The tour is for a party of up to 14 people.
It includes a fluent, English speaking driver
for private car transfers.

An official guide is available upon request.

We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes
and shoes. In warm weather, wear
sunglasses and sunhats.

Our archeological guide and site tickets are
not included in the price.

Please contact us for answers to your questions
and price estimates.

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