"Fabrizio, We apologize that we have taken so long to get back to you... In June Fabrizio drove us from Rome to Pompeii where we were provided with a private tour guide. Spending the entire the entire day; touring the then newly opened baths, walking through the cities streets, seeing the artifacts and hearing the history was truly amazing. Fabrizio is a true professional; I would highly recommend the use of his services/ company. Grazie Fabrizio"

Alyssa and Chad
California - USA



This is a 6-hour car and walking tour to visit the popular
Mt. Vesuvius volcano and a 2-hour walking
tour through Herculaneum. This was the ancient Roman village destroyed by the eruption in 79 AD.

The car will pick you up at your hotel in
the areas of Rome, Naples and along the Amalfi Coast. You will be taken to Mt. Vesuvius where you'll have the opportunity to explore its crater. It became infamous due to its violent eruption in 79 AD. This
eruption was responsible for covering the whole area of Herculaneum and Pompeii under 30 feet of
ash. The heaps of small rocks and boulders that landed on the Roman houses and shops caused many roofs to collapse.
In the next stage after the eruption, a superheated cloud of steam and mud flowed down the side
of Mt. Vesuvius. It covered the town of Herculaneum, killing its residents.
Since that fateful day, the volcano has erupted several times. The most violent ones occurred in 1631 and in 1944. We'll then drive to Herculaneum for a 2-hour guided walking tour. This complex, known
throughout the world for its tragic destruction in 79 AD, was discovered in 1709 by a local prince
who came across the site while digging a well.
Further excavations were made with the support of the King of Naples after 1738. These occurred in accordance with the common interest of that period in order to recover valuable artifacts.
Unfortunately, only a portion of Herculaneum has been excavated since much of it lies beneath
the modern town of Ercolano.

The tour is for a party of up to 6 people.
It includes private car transfers,
and a fluent, English speaking Tour-manager.

From 7 to 18 people will be transported in
a minibus and the service includes
a local English speaking escort.

The rates listed below do not include
departures from Rome.

A licensed guide for Herculaneum is highly

Site tickets are not included in the price.

Please contact us for further information
and price estimates.

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