We'll pick you up from the Livorno Pier at 8:30AM
for a full day trip in Pisa and Lucca. We'll have
you back at your ship at 5 PM.

You will be picked up from the ship
and driven to Pisa and Lucca. The Leaning
Tower of Pisa is Italy's most recognized monument after the Coliseum. The tower's construction started in 1174, and it began to lean almost immediately. There have been many attempts to correct the tilt throughout the centuries. The most recent was in 2000, and seems to have worked. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to climb to the top! The tower itself, and the view from the top, never ceases to
impress those who visit. Your lecturer-guide-driver will lay out this magical city before you,
including the very impressive Piazza dei Miracoli
and the Dome.
We'll then drive to Lucca, where you'll have lunch in a local restaurant, serving delicious Lucchese cuisine.
This is an urban area of very ancient origins and is covered by gardens, Medieval towers and a
large number of churches. All are enclosed in an impressive walled fortification.
You will return to your ship at 5 PM.

From Livorno Pier to Pisa takes 40 minutes.
On to Lucca takes 30 minutes.

The tour is for a party of up to 8 people.
It includes private transfers, and a fluent,
English speaking tour-manager.

From 9 to 14 people the presence of an
English speaking guide is highly recommended.

Meals and site tickets are not included
in the price.

Please contact us for more information
and price estimates.

Party up to 3 p. up to 8 p. up to14 p.
8 h.        
Service DG DG D&G

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