We'll pick you up from the Civitavecchia Pier at
8:30AM for a full day trip in Rome. We'll have you
back to your ship in the afternoon.

Our car will pick you up at your ship and
take you to Rome. It is about a 1 hour drive. We'll start the tour from the Piazza Venezia.
This is the central spot of the city that is dominated by the gigantic marble monument in honor of
Italy's first king, Vittorio Emanuele II. It was also
constructed as recognition for the reunification of Italy. It has taken on the rather
sarcastic nickname, 'the wedding cake'. When you see it, you'll understand why. Capitol Hill and the
Roman Forum can be seen after a short, ten minute drive. From there, you'll behold the breathtaking
and glorious view to the Forum Romanum, the political and religious center of ancient Rome. A short
walk from here will have you at the spectacular Piazza del Campidoglio. It was commissioned by Pope
Paul III and designed by the incomparable genius, Michelangelo Buonarroti. He also designed the
staircase ramp, facades and pavement decorations. The Piazza was constructed to celebrate the return
to Rome of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. Since the Jewish Ghetto is close by, we'll take the
opportunity to explore this area. There has been a Jewish community in Rome since the 1300s. Then,
in the early 1500s, the Pope commanded that the Jewish citizens reside only within the ghetto's
walled boundaries. Later, in the 19th
century, and once the Italian state had been established, Jews were allowed to live anywhere.
After many improvised stops, you will arrive at the spacious and beautiful Piazza Navona where
you will see some stunning fountains. The Fountain of the Four Rivers was designed by Bernini.
Behind this fountain is the baroque Church of Santa Agnese, designed by Borromini. It has been
told that these two brilliant and talented artists were rivals. You'll then have lunch* in an
authentic Italian restaurant along the Appian Way.
This was the most important road of the Roman Legions. Remarkably, it was completed in 312 BC,
thus allowing Roman soldiers and goods to move easily and efficiently.
On the way back, your driver-guide will help you to form your own opinion about early
Christianity in Rome. The catacombs will then be our next stop along the Via Appia. These
underground tunnels were used since the 2nd century as places where the early Christians prayed in
secrecy and where they buried their dead. Underground crypts, mausoleums, tombs, cemeteries and galleries can be seen. The Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Coliseum will be our next visits. A
visit to St. Peter's is available upon request.
We'll have you back to your ship at 5 PM.

This tour is for a party of up to 14 people.
It includes private car transfers, and a fluent,
English speaking driver-guide.

Meals and site tickets are not included
in the price.

Please contact us for more information
and price estimates.

Party up to 3 p. up to 7 p. up to 14 p.
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